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What’s the dress code?

Click here to learn all you need to know about BCCH dress code.

How do I obtain a parking pass?

Answer being clarified. To be posted asap.

If I need a letter from the Department (eg. to confirm residency status) who do I contact?

Please use the Letter Request Form available on the website or by clicking here.

How do I request conference leave?

To request conference leave first contact the rotation that you’re on during the conference to get approval to be away. Remember you need to complete 75% of the rotation. Once you have approval from the rotation fill in the conference request form found on the resident website. The chiefs and PD’s will then approve your conference leave. Once this is done you will get an email stating you have been approved. Remember, this is just a request you are not approved to go until you get a confirmation email (i.e. DO NOT book flights until you have approval)

How do I request a rotation change?

This must be done at least 3 months in advance. To request a rotation change you must first contact BOTH of the rotations to get approval for the change. Once this is done please fill in the rotation change request form on the resident website. The PD’s and Chiefs will then approve the change. Once this is done you will receive and email confirming the change and your schedule will be changed in one45.

How do I use my Resident Activity Fund?

Please refer to the attached FAQ on this.  NB make sure you get all your receipts in before the end of the fiscal year!

How am I paid for call?

Call stipends are managed by resident doctors of BC (formally PAR-BC). You will be asked to fill out a call stipend form for each block once per month (you will get an email about this). Your call stipend will then appear on your pay cheque.  You will be paid 100 dollars per in house call and 50 dollars per home call. For specific rules on what qualifies as home and in house call please see the resident doctors of BC website. If you are not receiving the call stipend forms, being paid or have any other questions please contact resident doctors of BC Directly. (Contact information is on their website)

Resident doctors of BC rules state we will only be paid for a maximum of 7 in house call, what about night float?

The pediatrics program has been allowed a variance for our night float system. When on night float we will be paid for 10 in house call shifts, so please but all your shifts into the call stipend form.

Are we excused from clinical duties to participate in NRP?

You should be excused from clinical duties to attend NRP but the following conditions must be met:

1. Don’t take it in a block where you have CTU or night float

2. Don’t take it in a block you have vacation (as then you would fall under the 75% attendance rule)

3. Please notify your rotation lead / admin ASAP and request permission to be away that day and request the night before to be off call.

4. Don’t delay – you will need to plan WELL in advance to make sure you can find a date that works.

How do I replace my pager?

Call IT at (604) 675-4299.  They will issue you a ticket and replace your pager within the same day.

Who do I contact for sick days?

Sick leave : sick days FAQ

Can I take a lieu day?

If a statutory holiday falls within a Resident’s vacation, or on his/her regularly scheduled day off, or when he/she is on call as per Article 19.02, the Resident shall receive an alternate day off without loss of pay. A Resident can take this alternate day within 12 months of earning it on a date mutually agreed between the Resident and the Residency Program.

Approval must be obtained ahead of time by the specific rotation. It must follow the 75% attendance rule.

Can I take a flex day?

As of July 1, 2012, each Resident may take two (2) paid flexible days off (FDO) per Academic Year.  Part-time Residents will receive FDOs on a pro-rata basis to their part-time equivalency in the Residency Program.
FDOs are not to be paid out and cannot be carried over to the next Academic Year.  In the event that an FDO is not used in the Academic Year in which it is granted it will be forfeited and will not accrue any liability on the part of the Employer.
It is the responsibility of the Resident to ensure that the use of a FDO does not result in a failure to meet the requirements of a Residency Program.  The scheduling of FDO’s will be as agreed by the Resident and the Program Director.

Approval must be obtained ahead of time by the specific rotation. It must follow the 75% attendance rule.

How do I receive my meal stipend?

Your meal stipend is submitted to the Dean’s Office every month by the Residency Program Assistants based on the Resident Monthly Report, you will then receive your stipend usually 2 pay-cycles later.

How do I get remote access to Citrix/Power Chart?

Fill out this form and send to Mark Askew at

I need Cerner help!

C&W Electronic Health Record Trainee Reference Guide

Cerner PowerChart Quick Reference Guide

What is the process in obtaining prescription privileges?

Refer to this website:

How do I obtain my resident photo ID?

Where do I go?

We suggest that the Residents obtain their ID from the office of their primary site. For example, if your primary site will be St Pauls Hospital we suggest that you obtain your photo ID at the Providence Photo ID Office. Due to the lower mainland consolidation only one photo ID is required and accepted across all four health authorities.

 What do I bring?

Please show up to obtain your ID please have ready a piece of government issued photo ID and your VCH employee number. If you had an ID as a UBC Medical Student ID you will be asked to surrender this ID to us prior to obtaining an ID as a Resident.

 How do I obtain access to other sites on my photo ID?

Your ID does not come cross programmed. To obtain access to multiple sites on your photo ID you must contact the appropriate photo ID office either in person, via email or by phone. The office will require your first and last name, employee number and the 6 digit badge number off the back of your photo ID. Contact information for all four photo ID offices is provided below:

 VCH Photo ID (RGH, VGH and Community)

#17-2775 Heather Street

Vancouver, BC


 PHC Photo ID (St Pauls, Mt St Joseph) *Also oversees VCH sites such as LGH and St Mary’s Hospital

#14C-2775 Heather Street

Vancouver, BC

604-875-4111 x 20003


#14C-2775 Heather Street

Vancouver, BC

604-875-4111 x 66511

 Fraser Health Photo ID

#100- 13450 102Nd Avenue

Surrey, BC


Please email Vickie / Carmen / Chiefs if you have a FAQ to be added to the list.

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