Food Club

Have you ever longingly wished for a hot pizza pocket at 3am in the lounge?
Have you ever wished for something to drink other than pedialyte on your night shift?
Have you ever wished for salad dressing at lunch when yours exploded en-route?
Have you ever felt guilty after stealing all too many digestive cookies/arrowroot biscuits from 3M/3R?
Steal no more…..
Have no fear, Food Club is here!

561e0690020b7d6e2badf8cb5d5f3887So….what does Food Club entail?

FC will stock snacks/drinks in the lounge for residents to enjoy – likely non-perishables (granola bars, crackers, trail mix, peanut butter, chips, tea, ho-cho etc), cases of drinks, frozen food (pizza pockets, bagels, fro-yo), but open to suggestions!

FC will be trying something new this year: “Resident Family Dinners”!
These will be held at a restaurant, my apartment or in a picnic-setting. They will occur once per month. For the ones at my place, I will be holding themed dinners (ex. a costume dinner, a story-book themed dinner etc.) and they will be pot-luck style. Food Club will be working with our lovely R1 social reps (Gabrielle, Sarah and Robynn) to organize these events.

How do I join this fabulous club?!

Great question. For the small price of $20 per half year, you can enjoy the lounge snacks.
No payments needed to join the dinners.
If you are interested in paying for snacks, please sign up by August 7. Sign up on this google doc:

How do I pay if I want snacks?

Just send me a direct deposit ($20) at
Once I have all the payments, I will make a trip to Costco to stock the lounge.

Feel free to email me with any questions!

PGY-2, UBC Pediatrics

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