Hey all,

Just a quick announcement. The CTU iPads (2 for blue, 1 for green) are functional again! We have purchased bluetooth keyboards for each iPad to hopefully make them a bit easier to use on rounds. All the keyboards have been paired and I have checked them to make sure that Citrix/Powerchart are working on them. The welcome guide and charging cords for the keyboards are in the 2nd drawer. We also purchased a new USB cord so we can charge the iPads. We have had problems with losing cords so when they are not in use, please make sure you store it (and the adaptor) in the drawer with the iPads and if you want to borrow it to charge your own device, please please please return it.

If you are having problems using Citrix/getting on to the internet, there is a guide in the 2nd drawer that goes through it. Wifi will sign on the phsa_staff with whoever last entered their username/password and that’s usually the problem. If it asks you for a password or won’t sign on, it usually is easiest to forget the network and then enter your own phsa username and login. When you open the citrix receiver and powerchart, it will often prompt you for a username and password which is your phsa staff login, then the login for powerchart will open.

It sounds more complex than it is…

If there are any issues with iPads, keyboards or other CTU issues, just send me an email and I’ll do my best to help out.

Thanks all!


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