AHD Resident Presentations

We will be integrating resident presentations into our half days.  This is a chance to learn a topic very well, teach it to residents (which is very helpful to your peers), put it on your list of presentations and CV.  You are required to do at least one presentation over the course of the next 2 years.  Please sign up using the relevant link (also viewable below).

The topics of the AHDs are there as well.  You do not need to necessarily follow that theme, but doing something that is somewhat relevant is encouraged; however, not mandatory.  Should there be spots left unfilled, we will be randomly selecting individuals so that people have enough time to prepare and are not scrambling to put something together a week before.



Mike Fazio / Alison Lee / Steve Rathgeber
Pediatric Associate Chief Residents 2014/2015
BC Children’s Hospital

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