Resident Training Committee

RTC Update September 10th 2015


Hi Everyone!


Below is a synopsis of the RTC Meeting that was held on September 10TH. Your representatives at the meeting were Matt Carwana, Mara Tietzen, Candace Creighton, Alison Lee, Anas Manouzi.


Master Schedule

  • Admittedly and clearly there were significant difficulties with last year’s scheduling. Concerns raised by your reps include: how some residents felt that their requests were judged against each-other or another individuals’ (ie family wedding not necessarily more important than a friends wedding) as well as managing expectations of a ‘self-scheduled’ timetable
  • 2016-2017 plan so far:
    • RTC Curriculum meeting moved from February to October to facilitate earlier scheduling
    • Master scheduling will start after the CaRMs interview process is over (Feb 2016)
    • There will be a stream-like selection and ranking process with white space responses for the reasons why you selected and ranked your chosen streams + an area to have likely THREE requests which you would like the program to consider and YOU will have to prioritize these requests
      • Want to have a vacation in block 4 so need a vacation-compatible block there
      • Applying to CaRMS subspecialty therefore need elective early.
    • After the master schedule is finalized, vacation confirmations will be sent to rotations on our behalf.
  • IMPORTANT NOTE: for this year, it is our responsibility as residents to confirm our vacation time with the respective rotations, so please be sure to do this very soon if you have not already done so.


Visa Trainee Application

  • Visa Trainees are ‘residents’ who come from international places for training with the expectation that they return to their home country post-training. Most trainees come from Saudi. UBC is paid to have these trainees and they are a vital source of funding, their salaries are paid by their home programs. Essentially they come to do a 4 year Peds residency but are not part of CaRMs
  • 2016/2017 intake will have room for one Visa Trainee (different from IMG)
  • there are 4 candidates currently who are going to be interviewed and also complete a 4 station OSCE (October 2nd) to determine suitability for the placement
  • both residents and faculty input will be involved with this process


New 360 Forms

  • There are new 360 Evaluation forms which are being distributed on behalf of the junior trainees by the senior trainees. These forms will be completed by the CNCs on designated rotations for each year to offer consistent and worthwhile feedback to residents
    • R1s: CTU
    • R2s: CTU, NICU
    • R3s: CTU and TBD
  • There are new 360 Family Evaluation forms which are currently being piloted on CTU and will likely make their way to the NICU for R2 feedback as well.
    • ***REMINDER TO SENIOR RESIDENTS ON CTU to please distribute these forms on behalf of your juniors. Forms are in the file hanger on 3M.
  • if you haven’t seen them yet, check out these new evaluation forms on One45!


CaRMs 2016

YES! Although it is a somewhat distant and traumatic memory there is already planning for that time of the year in process

  • Canadian Pediatrics Program directors are working on a better interview system which will allow candidates to book their interviews within a set number of days
  • SOCIALS! – it’s slightly early for our role just yet but just remember students could be approaching you soon with questions about the program and application process. We will also have a few social events planned during the interview time to show off our great residents and program- stay tuned


Island Medical Program

Welcome Matt and Steve!

  • Everyone in Victoria has been very welcoming of our new pediatric resident colleagues in Victoria, they’ve even been on the cover of the local news paper!
  • In block 4 we will start to get to know them better here in Vancouver as they start coming over for Night Float and CTU (Matt set to arrive on CTU block 4).
  • **PLEASE remember to keep using our microphones during AHD Presentations
  • Our wonderful associate chiefs are going to look at the opportunities for staff on the island to present at AHD via videoconference too 🙂


Curriculum Committee

  • We are continuing along our academic half day schedule as designed by the curriculum committee and the associate chiefs
  • R1s will start their Research Curriculum in the New Year
  • While the R1s are on their research curriculum there is even more SIM planned for the senior residents!


Chief Report

  • Anas took us through the latest chief update so check you’re emails for that . Further highlights include
  • **RCC**
    • As per the note from the Chief’s there have been significant problems with RCC attendance. There was consensus from the faculty at our meeting that RCC is a royal college requirement as a longitudinal placement and therefore, rotation commitments are no more important to your commitments to the Clinic
    • Please know this IS fully protected time. Please do your due diligence and let you rotations know of your academic commitments such as RCC as soon as possible.  Future plans to create a more centralized schedule process are being brainstormed, but currently quite logistically challenging.
    • Arrival needs to be prompt and if your service has a handover planned before 4pm then you will need to inform them that you’re unable to attend until 4pm as you have clinic patients scheduled.
      • Perhaps you can work out a plan or reschedule that handover…..
    • Ideally, if you need to switch your clinic days, please look at the clinic list and inform the swap about your patients booked specifically for you. Patients look forward to seeing YOU at the clinic.

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