Program Contact Information

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions on the information above or in general. The Department of Pediatrics is fortunate to have a well supported Medical Education administrative structure, including 9 Head Office/General Pediatrics education admin, a regional administrator in Victoria, and 14 Pediatric Divisional education administration staff; hopefully you will have a chance to meet all of us as you complete rotations during your first year.


However, below are the administrative staff whose primary duties are direct support to General Pediatrics Residency Program, and will be the best initial source for general information:


Program Administration Team: 

Alan Heinrich – Program Assistant, Pediatric Residency

Key areas supported: Rotation Change/Vacation Change/Conference Leave/Letters of support & confirmation requests. One45 schedule & vacation changes. Day to day General Pediatrics program operations support. General enquires.

Contact: (note that this address is Alan’s main contact, but also monitored by the rest of our team if someone is away. If you are unsure of whom to contact with a question, please direct it here)


Kim-Ee Chong – Program Assistant, Evaluation & Assessment

Key areas supported: One45 evaluations and evaluation workflows. OSCE, Written, ABP, and STACER examinations coordination. Academic Half Day evaluation and video-conference support (please contact if you need to confirm the room location for AHD broadcasts while on rotations away from BCCH). Intermediate Nursery, Adolescent Medicine, and Royal Columbian Hospital trainee scheduling.



Maja Klempner – Research & Scholarly Activities Assistant

Key areas supported: Research & Scholarly Activities Tracking and Reporting, Coordinates Research Mentors, Journal Club, Research Competitions, R1 Research Half Day.



Kristi Small – Program Assistant, Vancouver Island Pediatric Residency

Key areas supported: Administrative support for all resident facing components of our Victoria-based program. Support to Vancouver/BCCH-based residents while on rotation on Vancouver Island.



Dylan King – Program Manager, Postgraduate & Undergraduate Medical Education

Key areas supported: Escalated issues. Responsible for policy & planning for Pediatric Medical Education programs. Curriculum delivery development. Supervises all department Education administrators (UG/PG).




Chief Residents:

Drs. Gabrielle Bibas, Robynn Geier, Odion Kalaci

Chief Residents – Vancouver Program



Dr. Steven Leung

Chief Resident – Victoria program:



Program Directors: 

Drs. Janet Greenman

Program Director – Vancouver


Dr. Mia Remington

Associate Program Director – Vancouver



Dr. Jennifer Balfour

Assistant Program Director – Victoria