Chiefs’ Corner

Chief Update – February 2016

Hello all!

This is our last Chief update before handing over to Steven, Mike and Alison next week.

We would like to thank you all once again for giving us this opportunity to fill this position. It was a real pleasure to work with you all over the last year.

This update will be available on the website, as well as all the documents attached.

  • Master schedule
  • Vacation and camp requests
  • Resident website updates
  • IV Team – sign up
  • Lieu and flex days
  • Complex Care & CTU – inpatients policy
  • PALS Course
  • Adolescent Medicine resources
  • Ethics For Lunch – February 17th
  • Social Pediatrics Lecture – February 18th
  • Lip Sync Battle – February 9th
  • Refugees resources

Anas, Kamal and Alysha


Chief Update – February 2016

February 17 2016 Poster


Complex Care CTU Protocol_Final

Infant Toddler Syrian refugee_intake_final

Child Syrian refugee_intake_final

Adolescent Syrian refugee_intake_final


Chief Update – December

Happy Holidays!!! Congrats on making it halfway through the year =)

We would like to wish everyone a very happy holiday season and all the best for the New Year!

A few updates

Save the Dates: Spring retreat April 26, 2016- Location TBA, Grad Banquet June 9th in the new AMS building on the UBC Campus

A plug for CaRMS: We can’t run CaRMS without your help! Please sign up for tours, display rooms and try to attend the socials. Dates/times and locations of the socials will be sent out by your lovely social reps.

360 Evaluation forms: Keep your eyes peeled for an updated version of the 360 form toolkit to be coming soon. This document will also be on the website and will have clear instructions on how to use these forms and how many you need in each residency year

For CTU- Please remember to copy the patients community provider on all dictations, they really appreciate getting the info. New and exciting CTU news- IV sedation on the ward is coming! Keep your eyes peeled for more information in the new year.

For changes to vacation dates please use the vacation change request form on the website. Prior to submitting this request please make sure your rotation has approved the request

For letter requests please also use the letter request form on the website, remember to give yourself plenty of time (a couple weeks ) as it takes a bit of time

For CTU Seniors- Please try and fill out the MSI evaluations in a timely manner, this will make Dr. Virji very very happy

R4’s- The exam is approaching. Please remind your rotations about the Hamilton review. Please also review the R4 call policy as protected time beginning 2 months prior to the exam. Lastly please make sure you are filling out the monthly reporting forms so we can keep track of how much call you are doing

R3 and R4’s there are still a few dates left for Whitehorse rotations this academic year. An email with the details of this was sent out earlier. If you are interested please review and let us know

Lastly, with the arrival of the new Syrian Refugees in Canada we are looking into ways to address the health needs of some of the children. We are hoping to have a clinic run by the residents out of BCCH. We will keep you posted on the progress of this.

All the best and thanks for reading!


September 10, 2015

Hello all !!

I have many issues to discuss with you, so here is a mid-month update.

Email, page or me should you have any questions or want to discuss an issue.

1) Resident Continuity Clinic


Over the last 6 months or so, we have received monthly complaints from the RCC Gen Peds attendings regarding some pediatric residents are repeatedly showing a lack of professionalism towards their RCC responsibilities and they have informed us that unfortunately they have reached a point of no return. The major problems they are complaining about are behaviours that would be judged totally inappropriate by any other sub-specialty clinic:

– Cancelling their clinic with 24h notice because of scheduling mistake (double-booked)

– Being regularly > 30-45 min late to clinic

– Leave clinic at 3pm because they are on-call after 4pm


The accumulation of such behaviours over the last months has pushed them to reconsider the whole purpose and structure of RCC. They make a good point that in the end, this affects directly patient care. New patients are scheduled on afternoons in order to give residents good exposure to general paediatric problems. However when one residents cancels, another is 45min late and the third one leaves at 3pm, the attendings end up giving 15-20 min appointments to patients that deserve 45-60min, and thus compromising the quality of their work. The other factor to consider is financial. Parking at BCCH is expensive, and being late to clinic or being understaffed translates into unjustifiable extra costs for these families. Lastly, poor resident participation defeats the purpose of offering a “continuity clinic”.

We are totally aware that this does not represent the majority of the residents who are hardworking and dedicated to their patients on RCC and offer great service, but we cannot overlook these recurring problems that they have described and have to agree with them that this situation is unacceptable and something needs to happen.

The RCC attendings, the chiefs and the RCC committee will meet over the next weeks / months to rethink and redesign the RCC model, because the status quo is not working.

While we are working on this, we would encourage you to double check your RCC schedules regularly, inform your rotations of your clinic days ahead of time, be on time (1pm start sharp) and leave at a reasonable time if you are on call in the evening. (asking to leave at 3pm is not acceptable).

Thank you all for your collaboration and commitment towards our RCC patients. Lets remind ourselves that RCC a mandatory academic activity and this is the result of a resident-led initiative. If you have any difficulty being discharged from your rotation on time (12:30-12:45) for RCC clinic, let us know ASAP, we will contact them and make sure they respect the agreements set with them.


2) AAP conference

Are you still looking for conferences to attend this year?

AAP is providing a 300$ incentive for one resident participating to the whole conference. 

Deadline September 11th.

Conference: October 24-27, 2015


Email us ASAP if you want to take advantage of the 300$

3) Guest speaker – Radiology

Dr. Alan Daneman, Professor of Radiology and former Radiology Department Chairman at The Hospital for Sick Children in Toronto, will be visiting our department as “Betty Wood Visiting Professor” on September 22 and 23.  Dr. Daneman is an excellent speaker and innovator in the use of ultrasound in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit.  He will be giving two lectures that may be interest to our colleagues in Neonatology, Pediatrics, and General Surgery.

Tuesday September 22;  4:30 to 5:30 pm in BCCH D308 – “The role of sonography in the evaluation of neonates with suspected or known necrotizing enterocolitis.”

Wednesday September 23; 5 to 6 pm UBC Radiology Grand Rounds at VGH; videoconferenced to the BCCH Radiology library- “An approach to imaging the acute abdomen in neonates: a comparison of the role of plain radiographs, sonography and contrast examinations.”

4) Call stipend issues

Resident Doctors of BC is enforcing the call stipend rules firmly and we want to make sure that everybody gets paid for the hours that they are working. Please review the collective agreement.

We are not aware of your sub-specialty schedules. If you are asked to cross-cover for CTUm and see that you might not get paid for the time you are working, let us know ASAP, when we are working on the “Draft schedule”. 

Let me know if you had issues with getting your call stipends approved for the previous months.

5) Whitehorse – Lots of spots available !!!

Whitehorse has always been a very very popular rotation in the past, but somehow this year we are struggling to find senior residents to go! Once again, we would like to promote this excellent one week general pediatric rotation to the R3s and R4s. Here are the available dates !!

Contact us + Dr. Everett if you are interested.

—> November 2-5th 

—> January 11-15th   Dr. Everett

—> February 1-5    Dr. Retallack

—> February 29-March 4  Dr. Jekyll

—> May 2-6     Dr. Rotecka



6) Interesting Webinars / Conferences 

The Integrative Health Working Group would like to promote an excellent resource for very interesting webinars, conferences, etc.

Canadian Association of Paediatric Health Centres

The conference this year is on October 18-20 in the magnificent Quebec City (totally unbiased opinion)

7) Master scheduling feedback

The PDs and admin of the department are working on a proposal for Master Scheduling process for next year. We will present this proposal to the group in the next few months and get your feedback before we go ahead.

It will most likely be a hybrid system (pre-determined streams for R1-R2,  online self-scheduling tool for R3-R4s) and will take place much much earlier (January).

We will keep you posted on this issue.



8) Canadian Elections


Have you changed address since the last election?

Make sure you are on the electoral list!


9) Wellness

Winter is coming. 

But it is no reason to despair!!!

If you feel like you are struggling… could it be emotionally, academically or even physically, know that there are lots of amazing resources available:

–> Program directors have an open-door policy. They can set appointments on a short notice.

–> Chief residents- you can contact us whenever you need. Anas is the chief on this month (604.346.6019) and office time is Mondays (1-3pm) and Wednesdays (2:30-4:30pm) but call or text me whenever you need to talk about wellness issue.


Phone: 604 675 3873

Toll-free: 1 855 675 3873



Process of Contact: The Resident Wellness Office hours are Monday to Thursday from

8am – 4pm. Outside of these hours, you are always welcome to leave a message or send an

email and you will receive a prompt reply. If you require immediate assistance outside of

these hours, please contact the services listed below.


24-hr Toll-Free Line: 1 800 663 6729



Process of Contact: PHP offers 24-hour access where you can be connected to an intake

counsellor who will quickly determine with you what your needs are and will provide you

with access to a variety of services which include a network of clinical counsellors. 


Phone: 604 872 4929

24-hr Toll-Free Line: 1 800 505 4929



Process of Contact: EFAP is a confidential counselling service specialized to provide service

to healthcare employees and families throughout BC. They have an “affiliate network”

with counsellors anywhere clients are, and also offer telephone counselling. EFAP provides

short term counselling, 4-6 sessions on average. You will have a brief intake with an intake

counsellor, who will ask which health authority you work for to ensure eligibility.


Phone: 604 872 3311

24-hr Toll-free Line: 1 800 SUICIDE (784 2433)


Chief Update – August

Chief Update – August 2015

Night Float Study
Night shift study – invitation letter
Night shift study – consent form

Chief Update – July

Chief Update July 2015

Hi All

Please find attached the Chief update for July 2015. Please take a few minutes to read through it. Items include:

-CTU updates for Jr’s and Sr’s
-New 360 eval Forms
-Dress code
-New Resident of the Month process
-Vacation and Conference leave

And much more!

Kamal will be taking over on Chief duty for block 2. I want to thank all of you for being such a great group of residents, its been a real pleasure working with all of you!

Also just a reminder that we do have an anonymous feedback form for any issues that you might be having and any feedback you have for us, here is the link.

Hi All

Happy Canada Day and Welcome to block 1 of the 2015/2016 academic year!! I’d like to extend a warm welcome to the new R1’s we are really looking forward to meeting and working with everyone!

Just a quick note to let you know that Alysha is on Chief duty this month. If you have comments, questions or concerns please email our account or if its more urgent page 410-2247 or call/text me at 778-829-7658

Also don’t forget we have office hours! Monday from 1300-1500 and Wednesday from 1430-1630. Our office is E411. Take the elevators you take up for simulation. Get off on the 4th floor turn right and then immediately right again. Walk down the hall, through the open door and our office is on the right.

Enjoy the sun and don’t forget about the welcome BBQ on Friday!!

All the best

Chief Update – June

Chief Update June 2015

Please find attached the Chief Update for June. There is some Important information in here so please read it.

Things covered inculde:

CTU Buisness
PAR-BC vacation policy
Vacation Request
Rotation change Request
Conferece request
Letter Requests
Using the Website
Save the date’s!

For Seniors
CTU teaching
R4 call

I want to extend a HUGE congratulations to the R4’s. On behlaf of all of us we are so proud of you =) Thank you for being our teachers, friends and mentors. We will miss you and wish you the BEST of luck going forward.
We also have two R3’s leaving us to start fellowship Jessica Breton and Vicki Cook- Its been such a pleausre to have you both as a part of our program, you will also be missed! Wishing you the very best of luck!

And as one group leaves another joins us, the R1’s will be offically starting on July 2nd! Please make them feel at home.

Don’t forget the R1 BBQ on Friday night!

Have a good one

Alysha Dedhar, MD / Kamal Abdulwahab, MD / Anas Manouzi, MD
Pediatric Chief Residents

Sending along a mini chief update as we start this new block. Please see below important information on upcoming events, conference requests for next year and new sedation policies on the ward:

1. Grad Banquet: This Thursday June 4th, we look forward to seeing you all there to celebrate the end of the year and our amazing R4’s! Of course there will be the bonus of the R1 video! Night float team you have coverage until 1030pm.

2. Cards for the Admin Staff: I’ll be placing thank you cards in the lounge tomorrow am for the admin staff. Please sign them if you would like and I’ll pick them up on Thursday morning

3. Chief role and office ours: We are here to support you guys! We do have office hours and I would LOVE visitors, so if you have something you’d like to chat about or just want to say hi please come by. Monday from 1300-1500 and Wednesday from 1430-1630. Our office is E411. Take the elevators you take up for simulation. Get off on the 4th floor turn right and then immediately right again. Walk down the hall, through the open door and our office is on the right.

4. Thank you to everyone for your ongoing patience and cooperation with the master and vacation schedules for next year. We will be in touch in July, once the new R1’s have started, regarding Conference request and scheduling for the upcoming year.

5. IN Midazolam has been approved for use on the wards. There should be order sets available on the wards. Please let us know if you’re having trouble with this.

6. A Draft of the Block 1 call schedule will be sent out in the next day or two, sorry for the delay.

Lastly, if you need to get in touch with me during the day between 0800 and 1700 text or phone is best 778-829-7658 and we can always find a time to meet outside office hours. Of course if anything urgent comes up outside those hours please don’t hesitate to call.

All the best

Chief Update – May


Sunny Hill Acute Rehab Referral 2015

Coelho Male youth with eating disorders

Continuing Care and Discharge Coordinator


Chief Update – April

Chief Update – April 2015

Royal College Deadline 2015 – Assessment of Training Credentials

Efficient Rounds – CTU


Chief Update – April 2015

*Resident of the Months: Matt Carwana and Samara Laskin

**Happy Birthdays: (March) Juliana Wu, Jovan Vuksic, Matt Sibley, Lanna Olson, Leeza Looned, Kristen Favel, Isaac Elias, Candace Creighton, Matt Carwana
(April) Rebecca Ronsley

(1) Master Scheduling
(2) Spring Retreat
(3) Master Schedule Attachment
(4) Nutrition Rounds
(5) Efficient Rounds
(6) Website Updates
(7) Morning Report
(8) Monthly Call Request Forms
(9) Sick Days

For Seniors:

(1) Efficient CTU
(2) R3s: Deadline Upcoming for Royal College Assessment of Training Credentials

Best Wishes,

Alysha Dedhar, MD / Kamal Abdulwahab, MD / Anas Manouzi, MD
Pediatric Chief Residents
University of British Columbia
BC Children’s Hospital
Vancouver, BC

Chief Update – February

Chief Update – February 2015

Nutrition Support Rounds Poster

Hi everyone,


We are excited to be sending out our first monthly chief update. We look forward to working with all of you. We know we have amazingly big shoes to fill from our outgoing chiefs, Matt, Adela, and Kris, but we will work to make the transition seamless, and strive to continue and further initiatives, while facilitating new ones over the next year. We, again, also welcome Mike Fazio, Alison Lee, and Steve Rathgeber, into the role of associate chief residents. We know they will do an amazing job!

Chief Update Content (please see attached for full update):
**Resident of the Month: Rachel Li!
  1. Rotation Feedback
  2. One45 Evaluations
  3. Neurology Take-Home Exam
  4. Vacation Requests
  5. Nephrotic Syndrome Pathway
  6. Dinner with Doctors
  7. Nutrition Support Rounds (Starts Monday March 2nd!)
  8. Learning Module for Parenteral Nutrition
  9. Camp Goodtimes
  10. Call Requests
  11. Long-Term Disability
  12. Perfume/Cologne in the Hospital
  13. Dictations
  14. Chief Office Hours
  15. CTU Updates (Morning Report, ER physician on D/C Summaries, D/C Summary Code)
Chief Update
Nutrition Rounds Poster
Best wishes,
Alysha Dedhar, MD / Kamal Abdulwahab, MD / Anas Manouzi, MD
Pediatric Chief Residents
University of British Columbia
BC Children’s Hospital
Vancouver, BC

Chief Update – January

Resident Monthly Update – January

Hello Everyone,

This is our last update as your chiefs.  It has been a real pleasure working with you.  We couldn’t have asked for a better residency group.  We are so excited to handover to an amazing group:  Alysha, Kamal, & Anas.  We know they will do a great job!

Chief Resident Monthly Update – January 2014
** Resident of the month: Congratulations to Candace Creighton!
** Happy Birthday to our January babies- Alison Lee, Steven Rathgeber!

1. Chief Office hours
2. Resident Monthly Report Form
3. Resident research day – March 6, 2015
4. Recent academic work by BCCH residents (!)
5. R1 hardware token
6. Electronic feedback form
7. Curriculum retreat
8. Formal complaints- harassment- Roger Wong
9. Professional and courteous to colleagues (ED example)

CTU Stuff
1. CTU Parking Pass
2. CTU Winter surge / efficiency on CTU
3. Code team coverage- Addition of Heartwood Center

For Seniors
1. R4 practice written examination – February 24, 2015
2. Reference letters / FITERs / Certificates of good standing
3. NICU call shifts- Block 10
4. R4 Nephrology call opportunities
5. Practice STACERs on CTU- Consult senior


Chief Update – December

Resident Monthly Update – December 2014

Admission Age Policy


Hi everyone!I hope you’ve had a good month! See below for a summary of our December update, plus a few attachments.Chief Resident Monthly Update – December 2014
** Resident of the month: Congratulations to Haley De Vries!
** Happy Birthday to our December baby, Meghan Gilley!Outline
1. Chief Office hours
2. Resident Monthly Report Form
3. Rotation Scheduling Requests – call requests, lieu days, etc.
4. Vacation scheduling and the CaRMS subspecialty match
5. Transcription services updates
6. Admission age policy
7. Changes to antibiotic susceptibility reporting
8. 3M (and other?) social event – January 30, 2015
9. CaRMS tours and display rooms
10. Resident research day – March 6, 2015
11. Recent academic work by BCCH residents (!)CTU Stuff
12. ER admissions policy
13. Dr. Druker’s pager number has changed – 410-1288
14. Respirology teaching
15. Empyema study
16. BiPAP studyFor Seniors
17. R4 practice written examination – February 24, 2015
18. Reference letters / FITERs / Certificates of good standing
19. Locum opportunities – see resident website
20. NICU call shiftsAttachments:
Transcription services update
Admission age policyLet us know if you have any questions.M/A/K


Chief Update – November

Resident Monthly Update – November

Supplements: Call Request Template 2014-2015

Hi everyone!

I hope you’ve had a good month! See below for a summary of our November update, plus a few attachments.

Let me know if you have any questions.



** Resident of the month: Congratulations to Melanie Finkbeiner!
** Happy Birthday to our November babies: Henry, Francine, Vicki Cook (that’s right!) and Charmaine!

1. Chief Office hours
2. Resident Monthly Report Form
3. Rotation Scheduling Requests – call requests, lieu days, etc.
4. Vacation scheduling and the CaRMS subspecialty match
5. IN logging using T-Res
6. Influenza vaccination for PHSA employees
7. Holiday schedules
8. Back up clinical coverage
9. Tuesday IV Team – sign up reminder
10. General Surgery call rooms
11. Resident of the month voting
12. Notarization services

CTU Stuff
13. Bronchiolitis guidelines – CPS statement
14. PSLS (Patient Safety Learning System) reporting
15. Code pagers
16. Influenza vaccination – family clinic

For Seniors
17. NICU call shifts


Chief  Update  – October

Click Here to View Resident Monthly Update – October

Supplemental Attachments:

Successful Rollout of MI

Speech Recognition at BCCH

SickKids bronchiolitis guideline

Invitation Letter (1)

Abstract – Cuffed ETT

Hi everyone!

I hope you’ve had a good month! See below for a run-down of our October update, plus a few attachments.

Let me know if you have any questions – I’m always glad to chat.



** Resident of the month: Congratulations to Michelle Sherwood!
** Happy Birthday to our October babies: Katrina, Benetta, Alysha, Isaac, and Megan!

(I think…! it’s kind of hard to tell by the dates in the Google document.)

1. Chief Office hours
2. Resident Monthly Report Form
3. Rotation Scheduling Requests – call requests, lieu days, etc.
4. Vacation scheduling and the CaRMS subspecialty match
5. CaRMS Subspecialty Information Session (Nov 18th)
6. Influenza vaccination for PHSA employees
7. Residency Training Committee update
8. Change of General Surgery call to “in house”
9. Holiday schedules
10. Back up clinical coverage
11. Tuesday IV Team – sign up reminder
12. Change to Imaging Reports
13. Night Float Study – still recruiting
14. Resident of the month voting
15. Abstract: Use of cuffed ETT in the pediatric population

CTU Stuff
16. Practice STACERs with CTU consult resident
17. Bronchiolitis guidelines
18. Influenza vaccination – family clinic
19. Working with Unit Clerks
20. Clarification – Who does weekend discharge dictations?

For Seniors
21. CTU Teaching Schedule (updated above CTU Green Computer)
22. Use of phones on work rounds
23. NICU call shifts


Chief  Update  – September

Click Here to View Resident Monthly Update – September


Hello Everyone,

Summer is over, Fall is here and it has been beautiful!  The leaves are starting to change colour which must means it is time for another update.


** Resident of the month: Congratulations to Brenda Law!!!  You are grrreat!

** Happy Birthday to our October babies: Benetta, Steph and Isaac



  1. Chief Office hours
  2. Remaining Resident Committee Representatives – Wellness Committee, Food Club/Lounge Rep, Online Education Resource Manager
  3. Resident Monthly Report Form
  4. RTC Updates
  5. Transfusion medicine
  6. Lab/Micro Updates:
    1. CSF Sampling
    2. EV-68 Testing (attachment)
    3. New Cephalexin Gram Negative Breakpoint
    4. Serologic Testing (attachment)
  7. Vacation scheduling and CaRMS
  8. CaRMS Subspecialty Information Session (Nov 18th)
  9. Rotation Scheduling Requests – call requests, lieu days, etc.
  10. Tuesday IV Team – sign up reminder
  11. Hand Washing reminder
  12. IPASS Quality Improvement Project- Volunteer Needed
  13. NICU Orders
  14. Procedure for Interventional Radiology Procedures (attachments)
  15. Collective Agreement Reminder – change of general surgery call structure
  16. Late Call schedules – update
  17. Radiology Professionalism – update
  18. Oppourtunity to Facilitate MSI 4, Small Group Sessions
  19. ED UTI Guidelines – yet another update


CTU Stuff

  1. New Consult Senior Role – practice STACERs
  2. Heights and Weights on Admissions
  3. ASQs Available on CTU Computers
  4. Addressographs
  5. Using Abbreviations in Orders (attachment)


For Seniors

  1. Extra Code Pager on CTU
  2. CTU Teaching Schedule
  3. Change to ED Patient Flow Reporting (attachment)



EV-68 memo

Serology Bulletin

IR flow chart Sept 2014

IR checklist

List of dangerous abbreviations




Chief Update – August 2014

Click Here to View Resident Monthly Update – August


Hey Everyone!

We hope you have been enjoying your summer thus far 🙂 It’s time for our monthly update for August.

** Resident of the month: Congratulations to Caroline Malcolmson, Resident of the month for August!

** Happy Birthday to our September babies: Anas, Lana Shaiba, Jonny, Jennifer Cutting, Melanie, Haley.


1.      Chief Office hours
2.      Holiday Schedule
3.      Resident committee representatives
4.      New Resident Monthly Report form / CTU scheduling
5.      Biannual Meetings with the PDs
6.      Study- The Effect of Massage Therapy to Control Night Shift Related Stress
7.      Missed Re-Certification Courses
8.      Shunt taps
9.      RTC Updates

CTU Stuff
1.      Name on whiteboards (MSI & Residents)
2.      Developmental histories in admission notes
3.      Patient Safety Learning System
4.      Verbal Orders
5.      Medication prescriptions for family members/adults on CTU
6.      New BCCH UTI Guidelines
7.      CTU Teaching Schedule

For Seniors – CTU Stuff
1.      Updating community physicians while on CTU
2.      Night time admissions of sick patients to CTU
3.      Extra Code pager on CTU


Holiday Schedule 2014-2015

CTU teaching schedule_2014-2015;

Master- updated Aug 2014

Invitation Letter

Shunts- percutaneous tapping

UTI July 2014 (1)




Chief Update – July 2014


Click Here to View Chief Update – July 2014


What a great start to the academic year!


** Resident of the month: Congratulations to Colin Meyer-Macualay!!!

** Happy Birthday to our July babies: Faith Cormier, Jen Sibley and Shafina Sachedina


  1. Holiday Schedule **(action needed)
  2. Conference Request Policy, attachment **(action needed)
  3. Resident Contact List **(action needed)
  4. Resident Committee Representatives ** (action needed)
  5. New CTU Call Request Protocol
  6. Resident Website Update
    1. Pediatric Wellness Manual
  7. New Antimicrobial Guidelines, attachment
  8. Mentorship Group Update, attachment
  9. Resident Activity Fund (RAF) 2014/15
  10.  Scheduled Personal Medical Appointments
  11.  Missed Re-Certification Courses
  12.  Taking Vacation the Last Week of a Block
  13.  Call Requests – Blocks 4 & 5, attachment
  14.  Chief Office Hours
  15.  MSI Exam Question Writing
  16.  Junior CTU Stuff
    1. Update patient white board with your name
    2. Junior “pre-rounding” expectations

For Seniors – CTU Stuff

  1.  CTU MSI Evaluations
  2.  Addressing CTU Challenges/Issues
  3.  CTU Teaching Schedule (Nephrology, Radiology), attachment
  4.  Complex Care and CHU Evening Handover
  5.  New Asthma Orders
  6.  ERW Time
  7.  Hospital to Hospital Transfers (through ED)
  8.  Transfer of PICU Patients


Conference Request Policy and Forms 2014-15

Empirical Anti-microbial Guide 2014

Mentor Groups July 2014

Call Request Template 2014-2015

CTU Teaching Schedule – 2014-2015



Chief Update – June 2014


Click Here to View Chief Update – June 2014

Happy Summer!
** Resident of the month: Congratulations to Alison Lee!!!
** Happy Birthday to our June babies: Gillian


1.      Welcome BBQ: This Friday
2.      Start date of block 1: July 1st 8am
3.      Sick Days
4.      Vacation requests
5.      Code Blue: CFRIF
6.      CTU Updates
  • CTU Dictations
  • Start time of Rounds / Nursing Report
  • Handover time
  • Escalation of Care (attached)
  • Senior Templates (attached)

7.      Pathology reports (attached)

8.      RTC Update

  • Upcoming Dates
  • Indigenous Cultural Competency Course
  • Peds Visa Trainee
  • R4 Community Rotation

9.      Meal Stipends


Chief Update – May 2014

Click Here to View Chief Update – May 2014 

April Showers, bring May flowers!
** Resident of the month: Congratulations to Zaneta Lim!!!  Thanks for all your hard work on the IPASS project and other CTU improvement projects.

** Happy Birthday to our May babies:  Kelly Chow, Mike Fazio, Francine Ling, Katherine Mitchell, Mylinh Thibodeau


  1. Call Request Template
  2. Sick days
  3. Vacation Request
  4. New Virology Forms
  5. CTU updates (IPASS, ward sedation policy, start time of rounds, standardized senior notes)
  6. CTU Call Schedules
  7. IV team, Emergency Procedure shifts
  8. Personal Contact Form

Chief Update – April 2014

Click Here to View Chief Update – April 2014

Spring has Sprung
** Resident of the month: Congratulations to Trish Patel!!


  1. Spring Retreat / Career Night
  2. Using phones during handover or x-ray rounds
  3. Lieu/flex day requests
  4. Cancelling rotations last minute
  5. Hand-washing / eating on ward / calling in sick
  6. T-res
  7. Urinating in the call room
  8. iPASS initiative



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