Resident Committee Reps

Chief Residents: Alison Lee, Mike Fazio, Steve Rathgeber

Associate Chief Residents: Matt Carwana, Candace Creighton, Samara Laskin

Journal Club: TBD

AAP: Meg Maclean

BC Pediatric Society Jr Rep: Alanna Chomyn

PAR-BC (Resident Doctors of BC) Rep: Vanessa Masson

Social Reps: Andrew Irvine, Kenneth Lee, Jimmy Wang

Food Club: Cynthia Kong

RCC Rep: Caleigh Campbell

RTC R1: James Harris, Kate Maki

RTC R2: Gabrielle Bibas, Sarah Riedlinger

RTC R3: Rebecca Ronsley

RTC R4: Rachel Li

Simulation: Keira Dheensaw, Julianna Wu, Sofie Lopez

Online Education Resource Manager: Vickie Chow

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  1. Faith Cormier

    CPS: Faith Cormier, Claire O’Brien

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