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Royal College Specialty Exam Deadline – February 1st

REMINDER – DEADLINE – February 1st, 2015

Registration for examinations – Spring 2015 session

Residents who have received their assessment of training from the Royal College Credentials unit notifying them that they have been ruled eligible to take the examination in the Spring of 2015, must submit an application to register for the examinations before February 1st, 2015.

Please contact the Candidates’ unit at the Royal College at<> or<>
for further details or visit the Royal College website at the following link:  Exam Registration<>

No late applications will be accepted for any reasons.

It is important for candidates to notify the Royal College by e-mail at:<> or via fax transmission at: 613-730-8261, of any change to personal contact information. We also recommend that you add those following address to your contact list to avoid Examination messages going to your SPAM folder:<> and<>


Objectives in Training in Pediatrics – 2008 Royal College

Website Link: Royal College Information (eg. exam info,objectives of training)


Pediatric STACER (Long Case)

R1’s and R2’s you will be expected to complete a STACER during each CTU block with your consult senior as long as they have successfully passed their long case.  Whenever possible this will be done as an observed, afternoon admission.  Also remember that you can always ask R4s or fellows to be a practice examiner on any of your rotations.  Unfortunately the program cannot pay staff to be practice examiners in your first two years.  R3’s you will be allowed two faculty observed practice exams.  Please contact a faculty member from the list below if interested in organizing a practice STACER.  Provide several possible dates you are available, as these can be challenging to coordinate.  To prepare for these sessions review the  presentation and check list below.   Good luck!

STACER Presentation – Dr. Druker, January 15, 2014

pediatrics STACER Checklist

List of Practice Examiners

Anne Feng:
Caron Strahlendorf:
Gabriella Horvath:
Hal Siden:
Jennifer Druker:
Judy Wolfe:
Kelley Zwicker:
Michelle Clarke:
Mumtaz Virji:
Orlee Guttman:
Paul Thiessen:
Rob Everett:
Shawn George:
Sheila Pritchard:
Svjetlana Ruzic:
Tammie Dewan:
Walter Duncan:


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