T-res – Procedure Logging System (All Procedures including Neonatal and Resuscitations).


If you are having issues, please contact T-Res Customer Support:



Procedure Logging – all procedures must be logged. But you are welcome to use this as a tool for keeping track of your other learning activities as you wish – some find this tool useful for logging patient presentations, etc.

Activity Setting box:

  • Date is mandatory but automatic.
  • Attending Physician: The only attendings listed are the IN attendings – unless you are in IN, leave this box with “other”.
  • Site: indicates which hospital you are in.  Optional (but helpful for the program).
  • Clinical setting: If your procedure was done in Simulation, select “Simulation”. Otherwise leave blank.

Patient Interaction box:

You must include the procedure name you want to log. The other boxes (patient sex, assessed disorder, patient age group) are optional – include them only if you think it will be helpful for your own learning.

Self Evaluation box: optional but your “role” would be helpful. If you only observed (and did not do) a procedure, this must be marked under “role” or not logged at all.


Frequently asked questions

  • Why do we need a procedure log? We need to know that you have had adequate opportunities both to become competent at procedural skills, and that you have done enough to be competent. The only way for us to measure this is via a procedure log. In order to be advanced to senior resident you need to have logged a minimum of 10 LPs and 10 IV starts… but in order to complete your residency you need to have covered all of the procedures in the list as set out by the RCPSC.
  •  How do I log on / how do I learn this system? If you didn’t get a welcome email from T-Res, please let Louise Fell know. There is online / youtube training – but it’s pretty intuitive to figure out (more so than on45).
  • Do I have to re-log everything from one45? NO!!! Please don’t re-log anything that is in your one45 log!! We will look at both together.
  • Can I log procedures from Sim sessions / mock codes? Yes, but please mark them as “simulation” in the Activity Setting box.


 Please contact us if there are any questions or if things aren’t working well!

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